Storm Johnson 

September 28, 2018 

Doing the thing that I love the most for school is something that I’ve always dreamed of since a young age. These past two weeks have been the most refreshing days of my life because it’s all so new and I don’t have to stress out about math or social studies because I’m making music for school. It’s absolutely mind boggling to think about. Mr. Hansen and Mr. Patrician are probably the two best teachers I’ve ever had because they don’t treat us like children. When I started this program, I thought I was going to make more music but there is a lot more of a learning process than I imagined. Some of these learning experiences have shown me how to apply creativity in many areas of my life. 

What is a POC? POC stands for “Proof of Concept” and you may ask “what is a proof of Concept?”, a POC is proof that you can accomplish what you want to do for your project in Propel. For example, I am wanting to make an EP and for my POC I must make a song to prove I can make a whole EP. 

As I’ve been in Propel for the past two weeks I can’t help but feel positivity and love in the room, it’s like we are a big happy family.


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