Results of my POC!

Storm Johnson 

October 24, 2018 

My first song, I never thought I would come this far until I stepped foot into Propel. For my proof of concept, I had to make a song. Not only did I have to make a song, but I also had to include a feature from one of my friends and a guitar melody. I didn’t really have any errors while making my POC, I ended up completing most of the requirements for my POC. 

I have learned more about making your vocals fuller and how to record guitar into a Digital Audio Workstation, I also learned how to work with others. I did more experimental stuff with arrangement and it made the song punch when it needed to. Now I have a fair understanding on how to mix vocals and tracks, but I want to know more, I want to learn everything I can about music production and writing. I struggle most when I am writing, and I think I would grow so much more as an artist if I learned how to write more efficiently.  

My project is going to be a 3-4 song EP and would be placed in the Hip-Hop genre of music. I will be putting it on Soundcloud just to give people the music I make hoping to help them cope with problems, as I cope with Music. I am expecting this project to be mastered and mixed “basement professionally”. I also need to make my social media look more Professional and presentable. I have a vision for this project and it is definitely worth the wait. 



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