My Project Progress


gantt chartThe image you see above is called a Gantt chart and you are probably wondering how it works, let me tell you. The Gantt chart helps me stay on track with my project because it shows me what I must have done by a certain time. For example, I am making an Extended Playlist, so I split my project into four different areas. Song one, song two, song three, and then publishing. All four of these areas have assigned dates where they are supposed to be completed. 


As I’ve been progressing with my project, I have managed to stay on track. I’m on track because I have been working hard and dedicating myself to make this project as best as it can be. This has had a positive effect on my project progress because I’m not falling behind, and it also saves me from all the stress falling behind brings. That being said, it will also improve the quality of my EP due to not having the stress of not getting it completed on time. 


In the next few weeks I will finish and finalize song two and begin my third and final song. I will also brainstorm some ideas for the title and cover of my Extended Playlist. I am looking a for an artist to feature on my third track as well.


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