Goodbye Propel…

For my EP I have decided to throw my Proof of Concept song onto the project, therefore I will have four songs on it. To conclude my EP, I have completed my third and final song, now all I need to do is upload it to SoundCloud and YouTube, that will be happening on the 18th of January 2019. After doing some brainstorming, I came up with a name and cover that defines my EP well, it is named “AFFINITY” and the cover art looks like this. 


I am hoping to achieve good numbers (Listens) on this project, as for my purpose of releasing it, I just want to get music out after sitting on it all for the whole semester. For the listeners, I want them to be able to relate to my songs and cope with them as well.  

Propel is coming to an end, this semester I have had the time of my life, not only did I meet some amazing people, but I also made music for school which has been my dream ever since I was little. I want to thank the two most fitting teachers for this program, Mr. Hansen and Mr. Patrician. They always had faith in me and kept me pushing throughout the semester.  

Stormy J out.

My Project Progress


gantt chartThe image you see above is called a Gantt chart and you are probably wondering how it works, let me tell you. The Gantt chart helps me stay on track with my project because it shows me what I must have done by a certain time. For example, I am making an Extended Playlist, so I split my project into four different areas. Song one, song two, song three, and then publishing. All four of these areas have assigned dates where they are supposed to be completed. 


As I’ve been progressing with my project, I have managed to stay on track. I’m on track because I have been working hard and dedicating myself to make this project as best as it can be. This has had a positive effect on my project progress because I’m not falling behind, and it also saves me from all the stress falling behind brings. That being said, it will also improve the quality of my EP due to not having the stress of not getting it completed on time. 


In the next few weeks I will finish and finalize song two and begin my third and final song. I will also brainstorm some ideas for the title and cover of my Extended Playlist. I am looking a for an artist to feature on my third track as well.

Results of my POC!

Storm Johnson 

October 24, 2018 

My first song, I never thought I would come this far until I stepped foot into Propel. For my proof of concept, I had to make a song. Not only did I have to make a song, but I also had to include a feature from one of my friends and a guitar melody. I didn’t really have any errors while making my POC, I ended up completing most of the requirements for my POC. 

I have learned more about making your vocals fuller and how to record guitar into a Digital Audio Workstation, I also learned how to work with others. I did more experimental stuff with arrangement and it made the song punch when it needed to. Now I have a fair understanding on how to mix vocals and tracks, but I want to know more, I want to learn everything I can about music production and writing. I struggle most when I am writing, and I think I would grow so much more as an artist if I learned how to write more efficiently.  

My project is going to be a 3-4 song EP and would be placed in the Hip-Hop genre of music. I will be putting it on Soundcloud just to give people the music I make hoping to help them cope with problems, as I cope with Music. I am expecting this project to be mastered and mixed “basement professionally”. I also need to make my social media look more Professional and presentable. I have a vision for this project and it is definitely worth the wait. 



Storm Johnson 

September 28, 2018 

Doing the thing that I love the most for school is something that I’ve always dreamed of since a young age. These past two weeks have been the most refreshing days of my life because it’s all so new and I don’t have to stress out about math or social studies because I’m making music for school. It’s absolutely mind boggling to think about. Mr. Hansen and Mr. Patrician are probably the two best teachers I’ve ever had because they don’t treat us like children. When I started this program, I thought I was going to make more music but there is a lot more of a learning process than I imagined. Some of these learning experiences have shown me how to apply creativity in many areas of my life. 

What is a POC? POC stands for “Proof of Concept” and you may ask “what is a proof of Concept?”, a POC is proof that you can accomplish what you want to do for your project in Propel. For example, I am wanting to make an EP and for my POC I must make a song to prove I can make a whole EP. 

As I’ve been in Propel for the past two weeks I can’t help but feel positivity and love in the room, it’s like we are a big happy family.